How Nintendo Wii changed my life

August 3, 2008 at 4:34 pm Leave a comment

Nintendo Wii is the first next-gen gaming console which has motion sensing controls. These controls have been completely liked by people or in some rare cases, hated by people. The Wii has a simple interface which can be simply understood by elderly people, unlike the Xbox 360 and Ps3.  Xbox 360 and Ps3 are for hard core gamers who have experience for the gaming world.

This game shows the full potential of Wii

This game , Wii Sports, shows the full potential of Wii

Nintendo Wii’s graphics are less impressive than of the 360’s and Ps3’s. This was done intentionally because if Nintendo emphasized on graphics and motion sensing controls, the Wii would have been very expensive. Simple games like Wii Sports or Wii Play are fun and give you your required fitness. This is the specialty of Wii because when you are playing the Wii, you don’t hear your mom shouting “Go to the park with your father and get some physical exercise!”.

Wii Sports has tennis, boxing (i especially like boxing because i can take of my anger on someone, hehehe…), baseball, bowling (saves me a fortune from going to the bowling alley and spending rupees 300 every time!) and golf. One more advantage of these games available at home is that i only spend some money on buying one game and then i just keep on playing it, for example if i buy Wii Sports, i can play bowling as much as i want until the CD chokes and dies. I bought my Wii for Rs. 24,500 (including two wiimotes and nun chunks plus three pairs of rechargeable batteries and one battery charger) and to play one game of bowling in the bowling alley, i have to spend Rs. 300 per game. I know that you don’t get the same luxury as real bowling but it surely counts!

This is the boxing game in Wii Sports

This is the boxing game in Wii Sports

Finally, I’m waiting for Nintendo to crop up some new games that remind me that i haven’t wasted my money on the Wii and that i should have bought Xbox 360. In e3, they showed some pretty cool games coming for the Wii like Wii Sports Resort (it has water games) and many others. Wii Fit is already released, it requires a balance board on which you stand and do the Yoga (please don’t be mistaken, i don’t like yoga….much…)

With this, i’d like to conclude and say good bye!


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