Animal Welfare in Pakistan

August 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm 3 comments

The people of Pakistan, well most of them, don’t keep or take care of animals which is a real let down to the image of Pakistan. Like the west, there should be more animal doctors and animal shelters, we really don’t need the animal police yet, trust me, the people would be surprised. When i go to the vet with my pet kitten, Simba, the doctor tells us that some people have kept stray and helpless kittens and dogs but they don’t know where to keep them, because there are no animal shelters! Well, the condition in Pakistan for the people should be improved and after that, the government or the NGO’s should take a step towards the welfare of animals. Many species of rare animals exist in Pakistan but the people are not aware of it!

A big example of a rare specie of dolphin is the blind dolphin that makes the Indus river its home.

This is a Blind Dolphin that makes Pakistan its home

This is a Blind Dolphin that makes Pakistan its home

A news channel made a survey which involved asking the people of Pakistan that do they think that dolphins live in Pakistan, surprisingly, most of the reply’s were no! The environment and the wildlife should not be ignored because they are essential for our existence. The wildlife plays an important part in our lives and nature, lets take an example, if most of the lions are hunted down, the herbivores would multiply in numbers in a huge scale and will graze all the land of greenery or vegetation, thus starving to death themselves and causing problems for us humans too!

This dog is enjoying the fresh air. I took this picture when i say his head outside the car!

This dog is enjoying the fresh air. I took this picture when i say his head outside the car!

When i go outside in the streets, i see kittens meowing so that they could get some food but the people scare them away. Its so heart breaking, watching them meow and meow again and again. The same case is with dogs, they get hunted down for the safety of the people. I mean that if there were animal shelters, the dogs and cats would have gotten a place to call home.

My cat, Simba, is also adopted (bet he doesn’t know that, hehehe). His mother would come to us and we would feed her, thats how she got tamed by us, food. Then she gave birth to Simba and his siblings(total were 7 kittens). If i can adopt kittens and pet them, why cant the rest of the people?

This is my cat, Simba, looks adopted?

This is my cat, Simba, looks adopted?

Hope this is some useful information and an eye opener for the people, mainly of Pakistan because i know that animals are in a lot better condition in the west.


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  • 1. sparkysmom  |  August 18, 2008 at 12:07 am

    hashim ! i can see the future!
    AP aug 17th, 2015
    Pakistani teen saves animals. Twenty year old Hashim Haider saw a problem in his home town in Pakistan, and set out to fix it 7 years ago. Gathering his friends and family together, and going house-to-house for donations, using his international connections via the world famous internet site, ICHC and with a small grant from the SPCA, he and his friends started gathering up the homeless kittys in his town, and soon branched out to include dogs ( which made the cats unhappy! ). They purchased some cat carriers via the internet ( E-Bay was especially helpful for lower cost used crates and carriers) and used a friends garage to start their “Pakistani Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Anmals” with the help of two volunteer veterinarians they began by catching feral cats, spaying and neutering them, feeding them, and socializing them. In a clever tactic to increase awareness of the joys of cat ownership, they started holding cat shows with cash prizes ! Soon they began an “outreach” program in the local schools- visiting with their successfully rehabilitated cats and kittens, with a program called “E-Z care for our animal friends” their efforts were successful in started a grass-roots demand for housepets from the neighborhood children.
    Now 7 yrears later, though still renting their facillities, they have grown to 3 different locations within the city- and homeless cats no longer roam the neighborhoods. “There are still some homeles pets out there,” says the young man, ” and we still patrol and collect as many as we can, every day. But it isn’t like it was. And many families are very happy with their new feline friends!”

  • 2. Hashim  |  August 18, 2008 at 6:15 am

    I hope your prediction is true Sparkysmom!! I will try my best when I grow up because i dont have the power now….
    Thank you!

  • 3. Mrrphh  |  August 31, 2008 at 1:31 am

    ohai Hashim
    yur nooz relees dinut menshun mii It shud be saein ‘wif da hep of such powerful frenz inna innernashnul cumyunitii az da rawkstar Mrrphh, da ICHC, anna small grant fum da SPCA…
    liek dat
    yur frenz in da whirled faemus HOM


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