Cartoons and Tv shows, waste of time? i dont think so…

August 5, 2008 at 6:57 am Leave a comment

Some people argue that watching Tv or cartoons is wasting your precious time. Well, i don’t think so. Actually, your knowledge is increased by watching Tv shows or cartoons! Why? I’ll tell you.

Cartoons can benefit you in many ways, the top most is entertainment, then comes knowledge and language. Now people may ask how the heck does cartoons increase your knowledge, well, a big example is Tarzan. Before watching Tarzan, i didn’t know that gorillas have nests. Watching movies like ‘Ice Age’ has increased my knowledge in animals, like i didnt know much about sloths.

Now people may ask that how Tv shows or cartoons make your language better? The first thing is your vocabulary and the second thing is that if you are watching a Tv show in another language with subtitles, youcan actually know learn some of the language! For example, I watch Bleach, its a Japanese anime! I watch it with English subtitles because i don’t understand Japanese. After watching 182 episodes with subtitles, i actually got the hang of Japanese! Now i know a bit of Japanese like how to stay stop, wait, fool etc…

This is the Japanese anime, Bleach

This is the Japanese anime, 'Bleach'

I agree that your eyes do get weat by being a couch potato but there are advantages too as i just stated!


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