Why Pakistan never prospers…

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In Pakistan, there are posh areas and slum areas, but the majority is still slum. The government has never worked or rarely worked for the benefit of the society because if it had, Pakistan would be prospering! There should be a proper system of sewerage because when it rains, the water is still on the streets for almost 4 days after the rain!

One day it rains, and for the other 4 days, the water is still there

One day it rains, and for the other 4 days, the water is still there

Long ago in China, when the people became so corrupt that it was seeming to be the end, a new law was passed on that who so ever was trying to do something wrong, he would be sentenced to death. With this fear, China is now one of the most safest country and the people are kind too. Over here in Pakistan, don’t know what the government is doing with the taxes that the poor people pay. Either they go out of Pakistan or stay in a luxurious hotel. I’m not saying that they should stay in luxurious hotels but the first priority is for the people of Pakistan.

If the people are suffering, then the government should feel guilty and do something! Where I live is a posh area and still the electricity is turned off for 6 hours a day because of a shortage. I don’t think that the poor people have electricity because its so expensive. The cities are drowned in shrouds of darkness because of no electricity.

My parents have a village in some far away area which almost has no construction in it. There is a government school there, and the children are eager to learn and come to school while the teachers never show up because they are not funded by the government. My family gathered up some money and supplied electricity to that school, bought fans for it, bought some furniture because the students used to sit on the floor. That school was filled with cob webs and was so dirty and was 70 years old!

The poor people are perishing slowly and the rich people are becoming richer. There is still hope if our politicians do something about it, which is not so likely, unfortunately…


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