Uncontrolable prices in Pakistan, who’s fault is it?

September 3, 2008 at 12:21 pm 1 comment

Since the last year, prices of almost every thing in Pakistan are increasing rapidly, not only making the lives of poor miserable but also making the lives miserable of the middle class and upper class, non-government people. Everyday, the price is different from yesterday’s one. Why, because the government isn’t efficient enough! And its also the fault of the shop keepers, who know that no one is here to check, so why not increae the prices. Now, the month of Ramadan has started so the shop keeper’s, taking advantage of this holy month, have increased the price dramatically! My father went to the nearby fruit shop to buy some banana’s and they were so expensive that one could only think that how could a poor person makes his ends meet! The next day, my father went to the very same store only to find that the prices had increased again and the shop keeper said that they will make it more expensive during evening!!

There is so much lawlessness here nowadays that people think that they can do what ever they want to!! They park their cars in the middle of streets, snatch mobiles and other expensive stuff and much more!!

A car is being lifted due to wrong parking
Another car being lifted

Another car being lifted

Today, I went out to buy cheese because we were going to make a pizza! When I entered the shop, they said a small packet of cheese is for Rs. 115 only. This echoed in my ears for a long time and then I repeated 115!? I mean, since i remember, it was only Rs.45 the last time I went shopping! Disgruntled, I went to another shop, only to find the same price. *sigh* I can’t even make a pizza now!! It’s too expensive! The chicken costs Rs. 175, cheddar cheese costs Rs. 100 and mozzarella cheese costs Rs. 115.

Before the new government came into being, my favorite pizza’s price was Rs. 200 and now, that this new government has taken over, the pizza costs Rs. 245. Why? Rs. 45 is government tax!

The new government has not controlled the prices of wheat and other daily needed things but now, they have come after pizza too!! *sigh*

We should vote for someone new and sincere to come in the government because all these politicians have dropped Pakistan’s graph dramatically. No light, no food, no nothing. We should support people like Imran Khan who are sincere to Pakistan, not to use it to fulfill there own needs!! Even now, I appeal to the government to take control of the prices and all, because if they do, I know, everyone will have faith in them.


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  • 1. moe  |  October 9, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    o hai, Hashim! It’s a long time since we heard from you, so I’m just wondering how you’re doing!

    As for the rising prices, I know Pakistan has it worse than many countries, but the rise in food prices and the general inflation are worldwide. Some of the reasons that all food items have become expensive may be mismanagement by the Pak government, but definitely a lot of the reasons are because of market situations outside Pakistan.

    I’m now in the US after a two-year gap, and I’m finding that the yogurt I used to buy for 50 cents costs $1.09!! Of course, the petrol that was $2.25/gallon is now 3.70/gallon (which has come down from $4). So please do not think your government is *wholly* responsible for the intolerably high prices. The demand for “eco-friendly” corn-based biofuel has ended up raising the price of maize/corn, which is food for millions. People who can’t afford rice in Thailand and the Philippines, which normally grow so much rice that they are among the world’s top exporters! Australia has had a drought, so its food crops have suffered. And so on.

    Of course, I hope that you and other Pakistanis will also continue to keep your eyes and ears open, as you’re obviously doing, to ensure this new government does what’s best for all Pakistani people!

    Whenever you have a moment, please drop your cheezfrenz a note to let us know you’re doing all right, k?



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