The World is in a real bad shape…

September 28, 2008 at 5:29 am Leave a comment

Everyone knows about the many Hurricanes that have hit the United States of Americain the last few months. Hurricanes like Ike and some others… 

One hurricane causes enough destruction but consecutive hurricanes can… well, you can imagine the damage. The US is not the only place where the weather is getting harsher, its almost everywhere. In Pakistan, there have been storms which were so strong that they had never been seen before. In the morning, the sun is shing bright and the sky is a light blue but as soon as the clock hits 4, dark clouds start to gather and form a dark shroud over the plains…
A few days back, there had been a hailstorm, not just any hailstorm, a very destructive one. Sign boards had crashed, cars had been crushed, trees devastated and so much more damage! And the surprising thing to be noted here is that never in the history of the world has there been a hailstorm in these months!

Hail gathered in my garden

Hail gathered in my garden


Dark clouds gathered during the afternoon

Dark clouds gathered during the afternoon

 This change is mostly because of global warming which is increasing dramatically. The balance in the world is also decreasing. If a herbivore is dying, the carnivore will starve and then die. People are hunting more and more animals despite the fact that they are being protected. Many beautiful species have died out either because of humans destroying their habitat or extreme weather. These killings should start now and the poachers should b punished for there deeds. When we stop buying the products made up of animals, like tiger skin or snake skin purses etc. The killing will decrease dramatically because when the buying stops, the killing will too!


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